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Milestones Changed

Oct 11, 2009 at 10:37 AM

I got a lot of feedback for the first alpha version 0.0.1 and the current development version. Based on this information I decided to change the released milestone plan.

What does that mean:
First, the release dates have changed. In future there will be a release every three months. Furthermore the included features have changed a little bit. Some of the planed features are nice to have but not the features that will be used mainly. These will be included in later versions. The upcoming version 0.0.2 will focus on basic features. This means that existing features are extended and improved in consideration of functionality and usability.

Version 0.0.3 has its focus on a web based version of Projecturo. Currently Projecturo is a client application based on the Windows Presentation Foundation. The needed database can be installed on a database server to allow a multiuser environment. Version 0.0.3 brings Projecturo to the web. The basic functionality will be used by ASP.NET and Silverlight to create a state of the art web application for handling your tickets. The administration of Projecturo has to be done using the client application, in the first step.

If you have further requirements, let me know.